Return & Refund Policy

If the wrong product is shipped, we will only replace it if it is totally damaged or unusable. If the wrong product is shipped, we will only accept returns if the product is sent back in its original, unused packaging. The item has 15 days from the delivery date to be returned. Within 24 hours of delivery, missing items, incorrect orders, or excessive costs must be notified.

The kit/combo cannot be cancelled or returned for any individual product.

Only items purchased on the website can be returned to us. Products purchased from third-party websites or physical locations cannot be returned to us.


You will be able to exchange the product for one with a similar or lower value if the return conforms with our return and replacement policy. We won't give you the difference back. If the things are worth more than what they originally cost, you will have to make up the difference.

Returns will not be accepted under the following conditions:

Refunds for return of orders

Following our team's approval of the order return, refunds can be executed in as little as 15 days. Prepaid orders paid for with a credit card, debit card, or through net banking will have their money returned to their original account. A refund check will be put in your bank account under the "Billing Name" you provided when you placed the order, a NEFT transfer will be made, or a UPI transfer will be made, in the case of a cash-on-delivery order. Please be aware that shipping fees and Cash-on-Delivery fees are not refundable.

Please be aware that the refund method may change depending on the situation. If an e-wallet is used for the refund, the credit should be accessible within 24 hours.